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I can't remember where the idea for this map came about. It started as a DoD map, but it's a much better TFC map. The World War Two theme remains in the Lee tank at command point two and the red command center with it's German X-Plane and Afrika Corps crates.

This map was playtested under the name o Tunis. This was my fault as the city I had in mind sounds quite similar but is some distance away. The name is actually from Raiders of the Lost Ark, but the city itself did exist. And so, here is Tanis:

Tanis is ancient city of Egypt in the eastern delta of the Nile. One time Hyksos capital, refered to as Zoan in the Bible. The city was abandoned sometime after the 6th century A.D. when threatened by the flooding of Lake Manzala. Excavations, first begun in 1860, revealed inscriptions, several temples and statues,a royal necropolis, and a Quad Damage.

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Blue Transportation awaiting destruction.
Command Point One.
Command Point Two.
Command Point Three.
Command Point Four.
Command Point Five.
Red Transportation awaiting destruction.

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