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At the time I heard of the TFL's mapping contest, I knew nothing but a 2fort clone would stand a chance and so I began developing exactly that kind of map. I resolved to add as many variations to that theme as I could to make it different. The result is the Spikes. The name is a literary reference,which I'll leave to fantasy fans to figure out.

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Suspended over a tall pit and protected by a deadly array of beams, the blue flag awaits capture.
A ubiquitous ramp room. It's placed aside from the main entrance and offers secondary access routes to the flag room.
The Promenade, offering access to every area of the base.
The generator room which controls the power to the beams protecting the flag.
The backdoor route to the generator room. The platform here is team specific, so you'll need to grenade jump up.
The middle ground between the bases showing the tower capture point in the distance and the secondary capture points on each side of the walkway.

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*Alwyn, in "Casting Shadows" a Babylon 5 novel written by Jeanne Cavelos