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In the year 1600, the power of the feudal daimyos was broken and Japan came under the power of the man who would be proclaimed Shogun. The only threat to his power was the young son of the late taiko who resided in the magnificent fortress of Osaka Castle. The enemies of the Shogun would have to bide their time and build their power base before moving openly against the Tokugawa Shogunate. They'd never get the chance.

On the flimsy pretext of a slight to the Shogun's honor, the Tokugawa forces moved against Osaka Castle in 1615 in an effort to crush the resistance therein.

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Download Osaka_R (Contains modified files only - Use if you already have the old Osaka installed)

Osaka is a Dustbowl-style assault map for Team Fortress Classic.

The opening area of the map, where the attackers of Ii clan meet the Goto clan for the first time.
The first of the command points, a ship in the small harbor outside the castle.
The outtermost gate of the castle. Efforts to undermine the castle walls have already begun here...
The primary castle gate. Towers and walls surround Command Point 2 creating a test for the attackers to reach.
Having gained control of the castle gates, the assault begins on the inner buildings.
The ultimate goal of the attackers, the Keep of Osaka Castle.

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