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Team Fortress Classic

Pointe Du Hoc
A world war two themed beach invasion in the dustbowl style. The three command points trace from the beaches, through the trenches and into a town.

An Attack/Defend map set in an Italian Coastal Fortress town.

Two balls in play during this push-style map.

A command point map in the canalzone style set in the late 1930's North Africa. Includes the fabled Quad Damage, but beware the deadly traps that guard it.

A unique assault map requiring the attacking team to detpack a bridge, start a train, then capture a flag. There's plenty of destruction to go around on this one.

A Shutdown scenario in a pleasantly non-brown environment. Created for the TFL Mapping Contest.

A command point map in the canalzone style. Not so great to look at but fun to play. Created for the TFL Mapping Contest.

Dustbowl style asault map set in 16th century Japan.

An Avanti-style assault map around a happily non-italian town.

A reverse capture the flag scenario designed entirely for league play. Was used in multiple leagues during the spring of 2001.

Up a Creek
The first true assault scenario seen on the TFC scene. Each team alternates attacking and defending a generator and key.

Probably the second most popular hunted map behind Betrayed.

Rattlesnake Gulch
A chance to return to the old west with those wacky characters from TFC.

Hadley Labs
One base, two flags, alot of spam.

Wizard Wars

The first custom map for the Wizard Wars mod. A redoing of Rock2 with a Wizardy-touch.

The first hunted map used by Wizard Wars, features the flight of an Arch Mage from a castle to a ship on a beach.

A 2fort style map ultimately intended for tournament play in Wizard Wars.

A Warpath style map for Wizard Wars.

Battlegrounds 40K

Battle for Silo 51 - Unreleased - ETA ???
A revived map from the former Inferno Mod. Orks versus Space Marines across ash wastes and the Marine's valued Silo 51.

Half-Life Deathmatch

My attempt at a DM map for the Planet Half-Life Mapping Contest.

Half-Life Single Player

Half-Life: Help Wanted - Unreleased - ETA ???
My single player map set consisting of 10-11 maps in a retelling of the Black Mesa distaster from a different point of view.

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