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You are a GMan, called in to eliminate your predecessor who has appearantly lost control of the situation at the Black Mesa Research Facility. He has let one rampaging scientist interfere with the experiment and is recklessly throwing away the lives of government soldiers.

Somehow he found out you were coming... On the way in your Osprey is shot down and crashes just outside the Black Mesa Training Course. As luck would have it, patriotic soldiers have agreed to get you to your goal on the other side of the dam.

Meanwhile, soldiers loyal to the GMan have taken arms and will go to any length to stop you. To thwart the GMan's evil plots you must survive...

The Dam, not much cover.The Crash Site. No time to mourn the pilot's death, you're on the run.
The Field.Sniper's view of the dam.
A place to put up your weapons and enjoy a refreshing Dr. Pepper.The Pumping Station, just a landmark on your way to:
Your Destination. Not a conventional way to escape, but this isn't the time to be choosy.One of the alternate routes, it's sturdier than it looks.
Some of the obstacles that await aren't necessarily carrying guns.The long jump room.