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Download Version with Touch-Return Disabled

This map is a Torch variant, based very loosely on the style of play Fealic used in Tempest and Gleadwhatever_r. You must take the flag from YOUR base to the ENEMY base and capture it in their flag room. Points are awarded for getting the flag into the enemy courtyard (1 point), enemy base (4 points) and for capturing it (10 points). The flags will return when dropped after one minute or if touched by the enmy team.

There are two detpackable areas on each side of the map. The rock pile above the waterfall is destroyable and resealable. The side wall of the base can be destroyed, but not resealed.

The Blue Flag Room.
Blue Entry Hallway.
The Blue Base.
Entrance to the Red Courtyard.
A cavern giving access to the detpackable rocks
The middle ground
The Red area starts here
Detpackable rocks.