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Are you tired?

Tired of having to play three different maps to get your fill of simple capture the flag -

And switch protected capture the flag -

AND detpack the objective maps ?

Then good news... You can get all three objectives in one map and all three come for the price of one download.

Download Standard Zip File

Download Self-Extracting .EXE File

Attacking team has 10 minutes to assault the enemy-held town and must:

1- Detpack the bridge over the lake for 5 points

2- Start the train by flipping the switch in the railhouse for another 5 points.

3- Take the flag to the clock tower for the victory and 10 more points.

Defending team scores 1 point every 30 seconds they hold the town.

When one team scores, they switch roles so that the defenders become attackers and vice-versa.

The map comes with HLTV overviews and FoxBot waypoints courtesy of DrEvil (http://www.foxbot.net)

This map started many many months ago. Somebody has already said that it has the look of one of my earlier maps and I suppose it does.

This map may experience some bugginess. I have done everything I could to make it work consistantly... Lord knows if it actually will.

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