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The scenario is a familiar one: Glider landings deliver troops to take control of a town. But, as usual, things didn't work out. The Glider crashes at the town's gate and the defenders have a short amount of time to prepare a defense.

The attacking team must gain control of four different Command Points. Each Command Point offers different challenges for attackers and defenders equally. Command Point One sits on the deck of a battered building. Command Point Two lies across a sunken road and a cornfield. Command Point Three is on the roof of a small hovel next to a ruined four story building. Command Point four is in the center of a bridge surrounded by tall buildings and towers.

The attacker's start.Command Point 1.
The Cornfield - Command Point 2.The approach to Command Point 3.
Command Point 3.The final goal is in sight.
The Bridge - Command Point 4.Ow!